Allstate Offers


Allstate had a series of partnerships with national brands that offered discounts and other perks to customers. However, user feedback on the site showed a disconnect between Allstate’s website and co-branded landing pages. Customers were confused about how to redeem the offers.



With a cross-functional team, I audited Allstate’s partnership page and the co-branded landing pages. We determined the need to create an interstitial between Allstate’s page and the co-branded landing page in an effort to make the experience more seamless. We updated Allstate’s webpage highlighting the offers with a smarter filtering function, and we created responsive interstitials that clarified how to redeem the perks.



Our work made the partnership offers a more visible and seamless experience for users. The content auditing we did on the Allstate page and co-branding landing pages set the groundwork for future updates to these sites.

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